“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

The remains were located with a message near a watchtower, 1.5 kilometers from the Municipal Presidency.

A mutilated human body, inside two coolers with a message from criminals, was abandoned Wednesday morning at the main access to the municipality of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon.

The remains were left next to a “araña” or police watchtower, 1.5 kilometers from the Municipal Presidency.

It was on the south sidewalk of the highway to Salinas Victoria, near the Sports Unit, in front of a gas station, where ministerial agents made the discovery.

The investigating police officers were doing a tour when they observed two coolers on the side of the road, one red and the other blue, containing the body of a man.

Next to one of the containers, the agents observed a cardboard with a threatening message, presumably signed by an organized crime group.

The place was cordoned off to allow, moments later, the arrival and the investigation work of the experts of the Attorney General’s Office.

It is expected that the authorities will obtain important information about the perpetrators through the images that could have been captured by the surveillance tower, if it has the necessary equipment.