Satanic Temple to hold first ‘black mass’ in Canada

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It’s a controversial ritual with a gruesome history, but Canadian members of the Satanic Temple say a “black mass” isn’t anything to be afraid of and call it “an expression of personal liberty and freedom.”“That freeing expression is found in the blasphemy,” explained Nicholas Marc, the national coordinator for the Satanic Temple in Canada.Story continues below

He has been running the group out of Ottawa since 2016. Marc is also the organizer behind the ceremony, which will be held in the capital on Aug. 17.“To (the Satanic Temple’s) knowledge this will be the first organized public black mass in Canadian history,” Marc told Global News.What is ‘black mass’?How to perform a ‘black mass’ depends on whom you ask, but there is one element that most experts agree on: At nearly every event, there is a desecration of Christian symbols.“It’s not meant to be an attack on another group. It’s supposed to be cathartic for those who practice it,” said Marc.“Essentially, it involves using traditional symbols and inverting them to create a ritual that is meant to be the opposite of traditional mass.”But the history, legends, and rumours behind said ritual appear much darker. Dating back centuries, there are stories of demon worship, “deviant” sex, consuming a black host, blood or urine in lieu of wine, and even child sacrifices.According to British historian Richard Cavindish, who studied occultism and religion, “black mass” was written about “more often in fiction than in real life.”In one instance Cavindish called “factual,” he wrote about a report by a French journalist who was invited to a black mass in 1889. Published in Le Matin, the reporter said he saw a woman stretched out naked on an altar. After mass was read on her body, it culminated with an orgy.But it’s the first recorded black mass that may be the darkest. Dating back to the court of Louis XIV of France, he is said to have sacrificed a baby in hopes of preserving his love for his mistress,READ MORE: The rise of the Satanic Temple in Canada

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