By “El Huaso” for Borderland Beat

A businessman was gunned down by armed men as he attempted to flee from a kidnapping attempt in Celaya, Guanajuato on June 16th. Security camera footage shows the kidnappers attempt to force him into a vehicle, and then shooting him 12 times as he breaks free and sprints away.

The victim was Marco Polo Gámez, the owner of a public transport company and an associate of Ómnibus Urbanos y Suburbanos*, another bus transportation firm.

Recently released CCTV footage shows Gámez cornered by armed men outside a convenience store near the intersection of Martín Enríquez de Almanza and Mutualismo streets near the center of Celaya around 8:30 a.m.. 

Moments after entering the store, armed men leave the store with him, attempting to force him into a silver sedan parked outside. He resisted and attempted to sprint away, when one man shoots him 12 times with a rifle in the back. 

National Guard and paramedics responded to reports of gunfire and Gámez dead at the scene, with bullet wounds in the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. Around a dozen spent casings littered the area.

(0:04) Gámez, alone, enters the convenience store from the left.
(0:12) A silver vehicle arrives outside. Two men get out and go inside the store. The driver remains in the vehicle.

(0:46) The driver exits the vehicle and heads to the store to join the men inside.
(0:53) All three armed men exit the store with Gámez.
(1:00) The men open the door of a silver sedan and try to force Gámez inside.
(1:24) Gámez resists and runs to the other side of the parking space.
(1:29) The armed men retreat as Gámez appears to point a pistol.
(1:33) Gámez attempts to sprint away.
(1:35) One of the armed men shoots Gámez 12 times in the back as he flees.

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