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Warzone/The Drive: North Korean Drone Entered No-Fly Zone Over President’s Office In Seoul 

South Korean officials now admit they failed to stop a North Korean drone flying close to the presidential office in the capital.  

A North Korean drone last week entered a no-fly zone around the office of the South Korean president, military officials in Seoul have confirmed. 

The North Korean unmanned aerial vehicle was one of five that crossed the border on December 26, in the first incident of its kind in five years, which you can read about in our previous coverage here. 

While various South Korean military aircraft were scrambled to intercept the drones, none were shot down, leading to growing criticism about the ability of Seoul’s air defenses to tackle these kinds of threats.

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WNU Editor: North Korea is now boasting that 12 drones entered South Korea last month …. N. Korean military claims 12 drones infiltrated South Korea (Daily NK). 

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