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The Guardian: North Korea to restore ‘all military measures’ on South Korea border 

As Seoul claims Russia helped Pyongyang carry out spy satellite launch, North Korea warns of stronger armed forces on border 

North Korea has warned it will deploy new weapons and stronger armed forces along its heavily armed border with South Korea, as officials in Seoul claimed that Russia had helped Pyongyang carry out a satellite launch. 

In a sign of rising tensions on the peninsula, North Korea said on Tuesday it would restore “all military measures” it had halted under a 2018 confidence-building agreement with South Korea. 

South Korea had already said it would suspend some of the measures, which are designed to reduce the possibility of an accidental conflict along the demilitarised zone (DMZ), after North Korea launched a satellite – apparently successfully – for the first time late on Tuesday. Seoul added that it would step up surveillance along the DMZ. 

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WNU Editor: South Korea is also responding …. South Korea suspends no-fly zone near border after purported North Korea spy satellite launch (The Hill). More here …. S Korea suspends parts of military deal with North (BBC), and here …. South Korea Scraps No-Fly Zone Near Border With North Korea (DNYUZ/New York Times). 

North Korea Suspends Military Agreement With South Korea. South Korea Scraps No-Fly Zone Near Border With North Korea  

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