Last Updated on February 24, 2023


Stew Peters joined Alex Jones for a high-intensity segment of the Info Wars news broadcast, exposing the bioweapon agenda at the heart of COVID-19 and its lethal “vaccines” while calling for modern-day Nuremberg trials for genocidal jab pushers and World War 3 mongers.

Stew Peters and Alex Jones, two of the most censored and most trailblazing reporters in American history, joined forces to blow the lid off of the bioweapon, warmongering agenda at the heart of both COVID-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Throughout the broadcast, Peters and Jones dropped truth bombs on their audience and called for “Nuremberg 2.0” to reign in the tyrannical maniacs at the heart of human destruction.

“This is 100% the biggest kill-off we’ve ever seen,” Peters, the producer of the mega-viral Died Suddenly film, told Jones and the Info Wars audience.

“We need to demand, right now, Nuremberg 2.0,” Peters said.

“There’s a precedent for how we handle these war criminals in this country.”

With COVID-19 and its “vaccine” jab treatments now widely identified as bioweapons, the entire “pandemic” intersects with the ongoing debacle in Ukraine, where the US, NATO, and globalist oligarchs have been running bioweapon labs and, reportedly, child trafficking and organ harvesting facilities.

Un-elected warmonger Victoria Nuland “tells us directly,” Peters recounted, that there are “dozens of bioweapons laboratories being hidden in Ukraine. This is the same government that paid millions, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to Hunter Biden and the Biden Crime Family through a false and fraudulent energy company called Burisma.”

“These corrupt fossils in our uni-party fake government, these warmongers in the DC beltway, have to figure out a way to enrich themselves through the military-industrial complex,” said Peters, explaining to the Info Wars audience that war in Ukraine, which very well could turn nuclear, is quite possibly the biggest, most violent money laundering operation in human history.

Watch the full Info Wars segment, featuring Stew Peters and Alex Jones, below:

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