Texas Senator Ted Cruz is blasting a Ugandan law that enacts the death penalty for gay pedophiles, calling it “grotesque & an abomination” in a tweet in which he also showed his support for the “#LGBTQ” community. The tweet came just before the beginning of June when the corporate and political class will again push “Pride Month” on the American public and peddle alternative sexualities to small children – exactly what Uganda says it aims to stop in banning homosexuality and sentencing child rapists to death.

The President of Uganda signed legislation in the African nation this week that bans homosexuality and doles out the death penalty to gay pedophiles. Uganda’s President and other political figures there have been outspoken in saying that the banning of homosexuality is meant to protect children from the predatory LGBT lobby.

Ugandan politicians have compared the promotion of LGBT lifestyles in Africa to a form of cultural colonialism that links back to the United States and a debaucherous Western World that’s turned its back on God. They say that the new legislation will help take back African cultural sovereignty, as well as protect Ugandan children, both mentally and physically.

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The Ugandan law, officially known as the “Anti-Homosexuality Act”, does not prescribe the death penalty for homosexuality, but for “aggravated homosexuality”, which is defined as the homosexual rape of children and other vulnerable people, as well as the deliberate spreading of HIV through homosexual activity.

That hasn’t stopped Senator Ted Cruz and the Western corporate media from opposing the death penalty provisions of the law though and Senator Cruz specifically spoke out against Uganda’s death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” (the rape of children) in a tweet siding with The New York Times on the issue.

“This Uganda law is horrific & wrong,” tweeted Cruz, above a retweet of The New York Times.

“Any law criminalizing homosexuality or imposing the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ is grotesque & an abomination”, tweeted Cruz.

“ALL civilized nations should join together in condemning this human rights abuse.”

“#LGBTQ”, Cruz added.

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National File reached out to Senator Ted Cruz’s office for comment on this story and for a further explanation of his opposition to the death penalty for pedophiles but received no response by the time of publishing.