“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

It was just a month ago that we last heard from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) being in Xonacatepec, Puebla. At the time an armed criminal cell made up of 5 hitmen appeared on film with a captured fuel thief known as Juan Daniel Arenas Zepeda aka El Lobo. 

And today, just a little over 4 weeks later, 6 enforcers from the CJNG emerge in another broadcast. Only this time they’re positioned inside the capital of Puebla. A distance of approximately 26 minutes by way of a vehicle is what separates the town of Xonacatepec from the states capital. 

This peculiar cell of hitmen dressed in uniformity hasn’t traveled too far from where their initial video surfaced. Nonetheless, with each subsequent release online from this team of enforcers we get a glimpse of what areas they seem to be roaming through. 

Video trans;action is as follows:

Good morning city of Puebla. This statement is aimed at merchants and businessmen. We’re reiterating once again that we don’t ask for protection fees or extortion money. Don’t fall for those filthy tricks from individuals want to claim the name of our company. We invite you to report such matters to the authorities so that they can do their jobs. We will continue and persist in purging all these scumbags from this area. 

Sincerely, CJNG

Operativa Barredora

Distance between the town of Xonacatepec and the state’s capital.

Puebla, Puebla

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