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Austin Gardner

The team at Alignment Ministries would like to give the world a December update on behalf of Austin Gardner and his family.

BALL GROUND, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / — God continues to incredibly bless Austin Gardner and his family. His health is improving as he has had cataract surgery in both of his eyes while recovering from the cancer surgery to remove his adrenal glands. Austin was quoted to be feeling “Blessed on all fronts right now.”

Austin continually keeps his YouTube Channel updated where he preaches a brief daily message to bless the viewers and their family. This content creation has been the focus of his attention as of late. Austin said, “God has so impressed my heart with the importance of creation.” Casting doubt on creation casts doubt on all the scripture and even the crucifixion. If the videos are a blessing, the viewers are encouraged to subscribe to stay up to date with Austin.

Moving forward, Austin will dedicate most of his time writing and updating “Austin’s Pen” on the Alignment Ministries official website. He has even written the first rough draft of the love story, “Austin and Betty’s Life”. This story will be available to download for free as a pdf once it is ready.

Recently, a missionary scolded Austin for not having all he has learned available or in writing. Austin will continue writing daily as he recognizes that the missionary is correct. He asks for prayers as he launches more and more into writing content that could bless future generations.

In a time of increasing attack and turmoil, God has blessed Austin and his family. He and his wife are looking forward to having their entire family together for Christmas.

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Austin Gardner
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