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An attempt to kill a woman who survived a massacre in Parral was made. But she manages to escape.

Criminals tried last night to kill a female survivor of the massacre who was being treated at the Hospital de Jesús.

Gunmen with assault rifles entered the hospital, subdued state agents and tried to kill Micaela but she managed to escape.

Medical employees said that at least four hooded men with high-powered weapons went to the room where the wounded woman was, but she managed to escape.

Micaela is the mother of the executed woman and was wounded in the attack against her family in which 4 people were killed.

Among the victims was Kevin Amalio Hernández Ortega, singer of the group H. Norteña and a teacher by profession.

The body of Marisela Barrón Sandoval, Hernández Ortega’s wife, also shot to death, was left in the same place.

Later, it was discovered that Marisela’s mother and three wounded teenagers were inside a vehicle.

Paul Ezequiel Ramirez Barron, 17, and his sister Angela Ramirez, 14, died hours after the attack.

During the early hours of Monday morning, an attempted execution was reported inside the hospital, where armed civilians burst in looking for Micaela, Marisela’s mother. Despite efforts to kill her, the woman managed to escape.

This event has spread fear in the city, especially among those close to the affected families.

Singer Kevin Amalio Hernández Ortega and his wife
H. Norteña band
Hospital de Jesus
Parral, Chihuahua 
Hospital de Jesus
Parral, Chihuahua 

La Polaka  Hospital de Jesús Street View