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It’s still not clear what happened to the bodies of fallen gunmen 72 hours after the confrontation between the Tlacos and Familia Michoacána that left 17 dead in the town of San Miguel Totolapan. The Guerrero prosecutor’s office reported today that they transported the remains of 11 people immolated to the SEMEFO facilities, the forensic medical services of Iguala. 

The corpses correspond to the men who were murdered on Monday in the community of La Tuna, several hours from the town of San Miguel de Totolapan. Among the dead five corpses were located on Tuesday afternoon. Of which the Guerrero prosecutor’s office reported that day in a statement. That they had taken them to the local coroner’s office. 

This afternoon Milenio news confirmed the emergence of a new truce between the Los Tlacos and La Familia Michoacána criminal groups. The agreement was made before noon among the main leaders of both groups. It was agreed that each organization will stay within the territories that they already control.

At the present moment they will cease their intentions to advance forward in order to avoid anymore confrontations. Following this the Family Michoacána was left in control of nine municipalities within the Tierra Caliente region. 

Among which are the towns of San Miguel Totolapan and Arcelia. Considered as bastions of the Hurtado Olascoaga brothers, known as El Pez and La Fresa. The Tlacos will control the highlands of Tlacotepec. Which covers the municipalities of Heliodoro Castillo, Leonardo Bravo, Eduardo Neri, Iguala, Cocula, and Carrizalillo.  

Immolated bodies found in the community of La Tuna, several hours from San Miguel de Totolapan, Guerrero
The Familia Michoacána areas of control 
The Tlacos areas of control 

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