Qnergy's free piston Stirling engine provides a leading solution to methane abatement from distributed sources.

Solving the distributed methane challenge

Cover shot and page of Qnergy's IRA analysis of impact on methane emissions and clean energy

Qnergy’s analysis of the IRA’s impact on methane venting in the energy industry

Qnergy's PowerGen 5650 converts captured methane into utility grade electricity to power compressed air pneumatics at offgrid wellpads to eliminate methane venting.

Qnergy’s PowerGen5650 generator powers its Compressed Air Pneumatics (CAP) system to eliminate methane venting

The IRA targets eliminating 2MMT/yr of methane atmospheric venting from pneumatic devices by 2030, equivalent to taking more than 35 million cars off the road.

”We are excited to share our insights after installing more venting prevention systems in the natural gas sector than any other company, “ said Ory Zik, Qnergy’s Chief Executive Officer.”

— Ory Zik, Ph.D.

OGDEN, UTAH, USA, December 2, 2022/EINPresswire.com/ — Ogden, Utah, December 1, 2022, Qnergy Inc. (www.qnergy.com), a proven methane abatement solutions provider and foremost manufacturer of clean, reliable, electric power utilizing Stirling engine technologies, announced the release of its downloadable White Paper detailing its analysis of the mechanisms and tools specified in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to achieve Zero Methane venting in the natural gas energy sector.

”We are excited to share our insights after installing more venting prevention systems in the natural gas sector than any other company, “ said Ory Zik, Qnergy’s Chief Executive Officer. “With hundreds of installed systems, we have collected data that help operators meet compliance requirements at a attractive cost.”

In its Executive Overview and accompanying White Paper, Qnergy explains the critical importance of the Biden’s administration’s focus on methane abatement. Qnergy notes that abating methane venting from just a single, average natural gas wellpad for one year delivers >100X more greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement than a solar-powered electric car.

Swapping one conventional internal combustion engine for an electric car eliminates 4.6 tCO2e/yr. Abating methane on a single wellpad however, leads to the elimination of mora than 650 tCO2e/yr. And, there are hundreds of thousands of such wells in operation today in need of technology solutions to eliminate methane venting.

Qnergy’s analysis of the penalties contained within the IRA, coupled with today’s gas prices (not including potential market premiums for clean or green methane), and possible carbon credits (especially for remediation of the close to 2 million abandoned wellsites in the U.S.) suggests a potential negative cost to abate methane, i.e., companies can actually profit from investing in wellpad methane abatement technologies.

What the U.S. chooses to do this at this juncture is a blueprint for the more than 11 MMT of methane lost due to global use of pneumatic device pressure control devices.

Qnergy’s unique, free piston Stirling engine has been shown through independent testing by the Canadian government sponsored CanERIC (Canada Emissions Reduction Innovation Consortium) to be the only commercial generator tested to demonstrate 100% methane destruction.

This proven ability to capture and convert otherwise vented natural gas at 100% destruction efficiency and deliver utility grade electricity to the wellpad or pipeline means that the natural gas industry now has available to it a proven solution that meets all EPA specified guidelines and IRA specified goals for methane abatement in existing wellpads run by pneumatic devices.

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