“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

A young man by the name of Raymundo will narrate on camera his illicit affairs for the crime mob that be belongs to. Within the interrogation the moniker of an operative who goes by the name of Peso Pluma is revealed. 

The peculiar sobriquet of Peso Pluma means Feather Weight in English. It also happens to be the professional stage name of a famous Mexican musician who’s currently topping the Spanish music charts with his music. 

Both the captive and the Peso Pluma assassin work for Erick Cabrera Cabrera aka El Delta 1. They make up a part of the Los Deltas mob. 

Blood can be seen dripping down the rock that the enslaved male is sitting on. A large machete in the hands of a right handed assassin is what will more than likely be used to dismember him off camera after this video ends. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What’s your name?

Captive: My name is Raymundo. 

Sicario: How old are you?

Captive: 18 years old. 

Sicario: What do you do for a living?

Captive: I’m a gunman for the Los Deltas. 

Sicario: Who exactly recruited?

Captive: It was a soldier, he belongs to the Los Deltas mob. 

Sicario: What’s the name of the person in charge of you?

Captive: The individual who dispatches me to go do what is necessary is known as El Peso Pluma. 

Sicario: How many operatives do you guys have fighting against us?

Captive: Around 50 individuals. But there’s 30 guys nearby. Further up ahead there are 20 men. 

Sicario: How long have you been working for these fucking faggots?

Captive: 1 month. 

Sicario: How much are you being paid?

Captive: When I was hired on I was told 12, that I’d be paid 12 thousand pesos. But once I arrived they lowered it to 8 thousand. 

Sicario: What is their objective?

Captive: The objective is to enter the town of Saric. 

Sicario: How exactly were you captured?

Captive: I was captured in the hills where the radio antenna is at. 

Sicario: How were you captured, how exactly did it take place?

Captive: We were running along and one of my buddies said: ‘go ahead and run to the front’. I was shot twice and left there lying on the ground. He in turn ran away. Afterwards I was apprehended there. 

Sicario: That happened to you because your team mates are nothing more than a bunch of faggot traitors. 

Captive: I believe so…

Saric, Sonora

México Código Rojo