Last Updated on February 18, 2024

Arthur Engoron, the Democrat judge who sentenced President Donald Trump to pay more than $300 million in a civil litigation judgment in New York, wrote a Holocaust screenplay called “Viktor Glaser’s Holocaust,” which refers to “Goyim” (a disparaging name for gentiles) and the Talmud religious book. The script is downright terrible, according to excerpts published on a WordPress site. Engoron has been actively trying to sell the screenplay to Hollywood in recent years, according to posts that he made in his alumni association newsletter. NATIONAL FILE presents to you some of the worst passages from Democrat judge Arthur Engoron’s awful Holocaust screenplay, which he wrote with Tom Glaser and Jill Glaser:

“Scene 4


Good evening, Mr. Glaser, I’m sorry for intruding.


Not at all!  Why, I haven’t seen you in years, but I’m glad those years are over.  Tell me, what grade are you in now?



Oh, Mr. Glaser.  I just graduated.


What now?


Now I am considering my options.


Irwin, she’s magnificent!  Why have you been hiding her?


Because she’s only 18.  And I’m not hiding her, I’m protecting her.


Maybe all too well.  Protecting her from what…………or should I ask, “whom”?


“Whom”: Heinrich, Gunther, Otto, Jurgen and all those other brutes.”

Scene 5


Is this coincidence, or fate?


My head says “coincidence;” my heart says “fate.”


Fate is funny.  If you are my fate, I will laugh hard.


And if you are my fate, I hope my parents will understand.

Scene 7


You’re not mature enough for love OR marriage.


You think that because to you I am still your little girl.  But I am a woman now, with the feelings that women feel, like love, and I love Viktor.


Well, I hope you know what you are doing, because we certainly don’t.

Scene 8


Mother, Father,  I have some good news and some not-so-good news.


Tell us the good news first, there’s enough bad news in the air………… AND the press.


The good news is that I’m getting married.




You’re getting married?  To whom?  Do you have someone in mind?  You can’t just GET MARRIED.  You have to marry someone IN PARTICULAR.

Scene 8


What’s the worst that the Nazis could do to your father and me, starve us, beat us, kill us?…………



Scene 11


Tell me again why German boots are on Czech soil.


Because might makes right.  Uncle Adolf is a strong man who will rid us of these bloodsucking Hebrews.  The German economy is humming, and the trains run on time.

Scene 21


With Goyim help and Jewish hospitality, we will live like royalty!  Now, which corner of the room can we have?

Scene 25


Father, what’s the blessing for the burying of money?


“Please, God, let it be here when we return.”



What would we do without the Talmud?!

Scene 31


(speaking Yiddish)

How many people in your car died?


(speaking Polish)

I will never forget that stench.


(speaking Dutch)

I need a bathroom before I soil myself again.


(speaking Slovakian)

And I thought YOU packed the toilet paper.


(speaking German)

Some of us fought for Germany in The Great War!


(speaking French)

You did WHAT with our money?


(speaking Czech)

I would give anything, ANYTHING, to be back in Karvina.

Scene 41


Are you twins?  I could use more of those.  Or homosexuals?  I could use fewer of those.  Over there, swine.

Scene 42


(talking to himself)

Mixing human ashes with horse manure makes a fantastic fertilizer.  My tomatoes taste heavenly.  Something good is coming out of all this.

Scene 46


The Hebrew Bible, the Torah, says, “Thou shalt not kill.”


The German Bible, Mein Kampf, says, “Kill or be killed.”

Scene 52


The barbarity of these depraved people no longer shocks me.  I will never forgive the Germans, and I will hate them until I die.


May you live a long life.


Why do you suppose Facism arose in Germany rather than, say, Sweden or Switzerland?


Geography is destiny.  Germany has harsh winters and rocky soil, so simply surviving is difficult.  Over the centuries nationalism and militarism flourished.  Or maybe the Germans are just nuts for no particular reason.

Scene 54


Fool, do you want to be the war’s final victim?


Someone has to be.


Walk or die.


What have I done to deserve death?  Been born Jewish?  Been circumcised?  Stolen some cand?  Received a red-carded for a vicious foul?  Flunked algebra?  Overcharged a few customers.  Not converted to Christianity.  Lusted for a few shiksas?

Scene 57


Hey old man, can you walk?


No, you’ll have to carry me.


We’re not allowed to do that.


Then can you at least let me die in peace?


No, we’re not allowed to do that, either.


Then go fuck yourself and go to hell, you Nazi piece of shit.


(after shooting Isaac in the head)

Sorry old man.  But I did enjoy our brief  conversation, at least until it turned crude, for what that’s worth.

Scene 60


(Greek chorus style)

Americans.  George Washington.  Abraham Lincoln.  Franklin Roosevelt.  Charles Lindbergh.  The Empire State Building.  Broadway.  Jazz.  Coca-Cola.  Lucky Strikes.”

According to the May 24, 2022 edition of The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter, Arthur Engoron was eager to sell his awful screenplay using an agent: “Have Screenplay, Need Agent…Writes Art Engoron (1967) – Tom and Jill Glaser (1968) and I have written a screenplay based on Tom’s father’s Holocaust experiences, from Prague to the Lodz Ghetto to Auschwitz to Bavaria and, miraculously, back to Prague (including the inhumane cattle-car transports and the “death marches”). We hope, and believe, that it is worthy of being made into a “Major Motion Picture.” Does anybody know, or know of, an agent that could work with us and pitch this to Hollywood? (Much of the material is based on Tom’s father’s letter of August, 1945, included in Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 41, WHEATLEY ALUMNI NEWSLETTER # 41

Engoron wrote in the June 20, 2022, in The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter: “Have Screenplay, Contacting Agents….Writes Art Engoron (1967) – As noted in Newsletter # 71, Tom and Jill Glaser (1968) and I have written a screenplay based on Tom’s father’s Holocaust experiences. Much of the material is based on Tom’s father’s letter of August, 1945, published in Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter # 41, WHEATLEY ALUMNI NEWSLETTER # 41. We thank the nine Wildcats that have helped us with this. We are still looking around, so if anyone else knows an agent(s) or producer(s) who might be interested, please contact me… Initial feedback has been positive, with readers describing it as “riveting, just riveting,” and “compelling.” Be forewarned, Tom’s parents (incredibly) survive, but the story is a real tear-jerker, causing many people to stop to dry their tears before continuing to read.”

Engoron wrote in the February 5, 2023 in The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter: “For some time now Tom has been speaking to high school students about the Holocaust experiences of his survivor parents, Viktor and Daisy Glaser. The following link will take you to a video presentation he gave as part of the first annual Vermont Holocaust Education Week, which is addressed to students and anyone else who might be interested…The Video takes about 20 seconds to commence; the only thing you have to do is be patient. Tom and his classmate-wife Jill Glaser and I have collaborated on a screenplay based on those experiences. If you would like a copy of it just let me know. We are working on having it turned into a movie; please let me know if you can help us do so (as some of you already have, although we still have a ways to go). Art Engoron (1967)”

The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter featured a writing from by Arthur Engoron on March 2, 2023: “An aging population has become more nostalgic and has more time on its hands to compose and send memories…And not to get too personal, but I have a gym to go to, a dog to walk, a commute to navigate, four children, an inordinately active social life, and a day job of which some of you may be aware. But lately, the main competitor for “Wheatley Time” is my Holocaust screenplay, Viktor Glaser’s Holocaust, which needs more tender love and care than a vegetable garden in Maine, as I try to improve, and contemporaneously try to sell, it.”

Engoron wrote in the August 1, 2023 in The Wheatley School Alumni Association Newsletter: “I plan not to publish at all in August (and this time I mean it!). Instead, I am going to go all-out on having my screenplay, Viktor Glaser’s Holocaust, made into a Major Motion Picture. I haven’t seen Barbie or Oppenheimer, but they have some serious competition coming down the ‘pike. Feel free to submit material, but don’t expect to see it published until September. And let me know if you want a link to the screenplay, which is on-line.”