As we reported, the Jan. 6 Committee got around to releasing their final report Thursday night. If they wanted to release it at the worst time to have people pay any attention to it, they could scarcely have picked a better time — in the week before Christmas — when everyone is occupied with other things. But the problem for the Committee is that most of the Americans they would like to convince have long since stopped paying attention to the farce. The only people who still care about what the Committee might say is a small contingent of the rabid folks on the left.

I reported how Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) pointed out a glaring omission that the Committee had promised to include — the transcript of the interview with Ray Epps. One has to wonder what it is that they don’t want to reveal in that interview.

But there was something else that was missing from the report and it was driving the left mad that it wasn’t there: any real mention or effort to go after Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Jan. 6 Committee has been a ridiculous farce. But to the folks on the left, they think it’s finally the opportunity to get all the people on the right who they imagine were all somehow involved in some grand conspiracy to attack the Capitol — from Ginni Thomas to various Republican lawmakers — although nothing supports that any of these people were involved in any way with the riot. In their mind, Ginni Thomas is somehow some great mastermind because she dared to question the election.

Thomas, of course, did nothing illegal; all she did was ask others to pursue legal means and challenges — something Democrats have been doing for years. But to folks in the “Ginni Coup” contingent, they don’t understand that there’s nothing illegal about that. Plus, they think this is their chance to potentially do in Clarence Thomas. In their mind, they think if they can nail her, they can somehow get him off the Supreme Court. It’s nonsensical, but there you are.

So, some on the left were furious that there was nothing in there about Ginni Thomas, much less anything in there that would nail her, as they had hoped. Of course, it’s not there because it doesn’t exist.

The Thomas’ were “spared” because they didn’t do anything illegal. There isn’t even anything on which the witch hunters could hang their hats.

Folks on the left are apoplectic that what they thought was an opportunity to take down Clarence Thomas seems to have dissolved before their eyes. That’s what you get when you live in a bubble of unreality.

But what’s truly hilarious is that some are blaming Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) for this. According to this theory, Cheney interfered to “protect” her “friend” Ginni Thomas, as well as perhaps other Republicans who were involved. Otherwise, they would have all been nailed for their horrible crimes. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but it doesn’t have to.

Whatever juice Cheney thought she bought by bending over for the left — and it wasn’t anything since they just used her while they could — some of them are now furious with her. So much for throwing in with the Democrats. Looks like her hopes for future office – which were already pretty dim – just took a big turn into dismal. She burnt her bridges with the GOP and now, the Democrats are throwing her off their bridge as well.

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