Last Updated on November 20, 2022

The “Nazi” who was recently arrested and charged with plotting attacks on New York City synagogues is actually Jewish, and his lawyers claim he’s the descendant of holocaust survivors.

22-year-old Jewish man Matthew Mahrer, of Manhattan, is facing a charge of criminal possession of a weapon, alongside an alleged accomplice, 21-year-old Christopher Brown, of Aquebogue, NY. Brown faces additional charges of making a terroristic threat and aggravated harassment. It’s unclear if Mahrer will be charged with more crimes related to the “Nazi” attack investigation.

According to a statement from law enforcement, the two men were arrested by the Metro Transportation Authority (MTA) at Penn Station, before they were “turned over to the NYPD and FBI.”

Police say they seized “a large hunting knife, an illegal Glock 17 firearm and 30-round magazine, and several other items,” including a Nazi armband.


According to CNN, which has painted the situation as being indicative of a massive Nazi militancy of angry Americans fixated on hurting Jewish people, community organizers and Democrat politicians responded swiftly to the arrests, making public statements to “denounce antisemitism.”

“The message is clear,” says New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Anti-semitism has no home in New York City.”

“If you come here to perpetrate acts of hateful violence, you will be stopped by the finest police force in the world. Thank you to the NYPD for their quick work in bringing these bigots to justice,” Adams went on.

CNN Jewish Nazi
New York Democrats were quick to denounce antisemitism and “hateful violence,” but the New York “Nazi” turned out to be Jewish.

Amazingly, after Matthew Mahrer appeared in court, it was learned through his lawyers that Mahrer himself is Jewish, and claims to be the descendent of holocaust survivors.

According to a report in The New York Post, Mahrer’s lawyer revealed to the court that his client is in fact Jewish, and claims he’s the grandson of a Holocaust survivor.

“My client is of Jewish heritage,” Mahrer’s lawyer, Brandon Freycinet, told the court.

“He resides with his parents and his grandfather is actually a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor — and my client is his part-time caretaker.”

Jewish Synagogue Attack NYC
The New York Post has reported on “Nazi” Mahrer’s true identity.

The revelations surrounding the arrest of Jewish “Nazi” Matthew Mahrer, are just the latest to blow the lid off of a “hate crime” committed or attempted by a member of the very community they claim to oppose.

Just recently, as reported by National File, a black teenager in Alabama was arrested in connection with phony “white power” terror threats he made against the Lee County fair.

18-year-old Pharrell Smith claimed online that he was a white man, and part of a white power terror group that would be at the Lee County fair to “kill every NEGRO that we lay eye contact on.”

“Be prepared,” Smith added in his phony threat, only to later be arrested when the threats were traced back to his home computer.

Hate Hoax: Black Teen Arrested for ‘White Power’ Terror Threats