The news surrounding Elon Musk and his takeover of Twitter seems to change by the hour. Last night, it was liberal journalists — but I repeat myself — with their hair on fire over what they thought was the impending shutdown of the site. A site, it should be noted, that they considered their personal sandbox before Elon came along and peed in it. Many Twitter Circles were formed so they could cry it out together; some channeled their inner teenage girl and dramatically announced their departure for other platforms … only to find those other platforms were laborious to navigate and not nearly as much fun as Twitter.

Twitter, of course, did not shut down overnight and many journos and their leftist politico friends look a bit foolish today.

Today, the big development was the triumphant return to Twitter of Jordan Peterson and The Babylon Bee, two accounts that had previously been banned (Peterson for daring to question transgenderism and the Bee for lampooning Rachel Levine).

Basking in the appreciation for the return of these beloved-by-conservative accounts, Elon Musk asked users, “What should Twitter do next?”

User HardcoreNolley had a suggestion: Bring back Alex Jones.

Seems to be a hard pass from Musk.

Jones and his site, InfoWars, were permanently banned from Twitter more than four years ago, apparently for posting a video in which Jones had some harsh words for CNN’s Oliver Darcy:

“Those are the eyes of a rat,” Jones told Darcy in the video. Jones also called the CNN reporter “the equivalent of like the Hitler Youth” and said that he smiles “like a possum that crawled out of the rear end of a dead cow.”

Jones, of course, was recently on the losing end of a defamation lawsuit brought against him by the parents of the schoolchildren killed in the Sandy Hook massacre. He’s been ordered to pay the families an astonishing $1.5 billion in damages.

Now that we know Alex Jones won’t be welcomed back onto Musk’s Twitter, we anxiously await word on if Donald Trump and his mean tweets will resurface as the 2024 presidential election gets underway. He always keeps things lively, and journalists whose careers are built on trashing Trump will happily pay the $8 for a verified account if it means being able to hang on his every tweet.

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