Last Updated on February 22, 2023


Establishment donor Jeff Yass, the biggest American investor in the CCP’s TikTok app, is all in for Ron DeSantis and his 2024 presidential ambitions, backing the Florida Governor’s political committee to the tune of millions of dollars.

Jeff Yass, whose Pennsylvania-based Susquehanna International Group has a more than $15 billion stake in the CCP-born TikTok app, which has been widely slammed for its security vulnerabilities and for peddling Marxist content to teenagers. He’s also a major financial backer of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his political ambitions, which quite obviously include a 2024 run for the presidency, pitting him against President Trump in the 2024 GOP Primary.

According to a CNN report titled “Ron DeSantis gets 7-figure checks from top GOP donors,” Yass threw $2.5 million to DeSantis’s own political committee. He’s also dumped massive amounts of money into PACs aligned with the anti-Trump movement within the GOP, a movement that’s quickly gravitating towards none other than Ron DeSantis.

During the 2022 elections in Pennsylvania, Yass spent millions of dollars opposing Trump-aligned, America First candidate Doug Mastriano, directly aiding the establishment campaign against Mastriano that led to the election of far-left Democrat Josh Shapiro as Governor, and the almost certain assurance that Pennsylvania’s elections will again be illegally rigged in 2024.

Yass was so determined to keep Trump-aligned Mastriano off the ballot as the GOP nominee, that he asked Bill McSwain, his candidate of choice, to drop out of the race ahead of the GOP’s nominating contest. McSwain had previously broken with President Trump after the 2020 election, when McSwain refused to stand for election integrity in contested Pennsylvania, even after Democrats had illegally made massive changes to election law, delegitimizing the entire 2020 race.

Yass backed hedge fund manager David McCormick for US Senate in the state during the same election cycle, fiercely opposing America First insurgent Kathy Barnette.

Read more about Jeff Yass and Ron DeSantis in the @NationalFile tweet below:

Much like his financial relationship with Jeff Yass, other benefactors of Ron DeSantis have been raising eyebrows as his 2024 run for the presidency appears to be imminent.

Among them, is left-wing billionaire and Obama donor Ken Griffin, who recently gave DeSantis a $5 million donation. As recently as 2020, Griffin was helping to fund Joe Biden’s inaugural committee. Griffin has publicly spoken about how his support of DeSantis is nothing more than a means to attack President Trump and end the America First populist movement.

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Ron DeSantis isn’t the only GOP’er taking sketchy money from left-wing, America Last billionaires.

During the 2022 election cycle, as reported by National File, Kevin McCarthy’s political machine received millions of dollars from the corrupt FTX crypto exchange and its various political bagmen and used the money to attack America First candidates while protecting his establishment allies.

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