Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Trump hater and Ron DeSantis fanboy Dave Rubin paints himself as a conservative fighter. However, Rubin’s life and values are not even close to aligning with the average conservative voter in America. Rubin is a California liberal who moved to Florida on a private plane. Rubin also used to be a progressive. NationalFile has reported on the fact that Rubin and Dennis Prager spoke about how they believe most of America is bisexual.

Dave Rubin was distraught with the fact that President Trump called out Kayleigh McEnany for lying about his poll numbers on Fox News. Rubin accused Trump supporters of being stupidly involved in a cult tweeting, “She evolved and was an absolute rock star his administration. Notice how literally everyone he has even worked with ends up being attacked by him? At some point you’re just in a cult, dude.”

Rubin claims to fight for the conservative voter, yet Rubin has lived in liberal Los Angeles, California, for a lot of his life. Rubin decided to move to Florida in 2021, but unlike the average conservative voter, Rubin moved to Florida via a private jet.

Rubin also claims that he used to be a progressive. Rubins Federalist Society page reads, “Dave’s journey from a left leaning progressive to a free thinking classical liberal has been quite an adventure. As a gay married man living in America, Dave spent the majority of his adult life subscribing to a certain political belief system based primarily on his immutable characteristics.”

Rubin has praised DeSantis for fighting groomers, but Rubin has displayed grooming qualities himself. NationalFile has reported on the fact that Rubin and Dennis Prager have promoted bisexuality saying” “normal is not defined by your sexual orientation. That’s what’s normal…I am not saying heterosexual is more normal, by the way, I actually believe bisexual is the norm.”

Rubin’s Twitter account reads like a 20-year-old sorority girl with love tweets to DeSantis, mental breakdowns and pictures of Rubin drinking. Oddly another individual in DeSantis’ inner circle John Cardillo, loves tweeting about drinking too.

Ron DeSantis has surrounded himself with globalists and questionable characters. So it’s no wonder the Governor of Florida’s poll numbers continue to slide.