Last Updated on April 18, 2024

Former President Donald Trump slammed a prospective juror during his first criminal trial, ignoring the gag order limiting him from public statements.

Trump posted on Truth Social a quote from Fox News’s Jesse Watters: “They are catching undercover Liberal Activists lying to the Judge in order to get on the Trump jury.”

Donald Trump’s recent post on Truth Social landed him in some hot water.

The Hill reported that Trump’s gag order, imposed by Judge Juan Merchan, bars him from “making or directing order to make public statements about any prospective juror or any juror in this criminal proceeding.” The gag also bars him from speaking out against prosecutors, too. It’s a mechanism to limit inflammatory social media posts and attacks in court and their families. Nonetheless, both Democrats — Judge Merchan and District Attorney Alvin Bragg — are up for game.

Such a move by prosecutors is a bit much, but typically, the defendant does not make comments publicly, at least during the proceeding, regardless if it is even during jury selection or pretrial. Conferring is left between defendants and attorneys, prosecutors and the rest with the judge, excluding the defendant.

The former president has always been outspoken, so this gag order has only produced added pressure.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Conroy had already demanded $1,000 fines for each of Trump’s previous three posts on Truth Social that allegedly referenced a witness, reported The Hill. Judge Merchan never committed to breaking the court proceeding, so the fines went nowhere.

The three posts on Truth Social were Trump thanking Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniel’s former attorney, for “revealing the truth about two sleazebags who have, with their lies and misrepresentation, cost our Country dearly.” The second was an alleged statement from Daniels stating she did not have an affair with Trump. And the third, according to The Hill, was Trump referring to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, as a “disgraced attorney and felon … prosecuted for lying.” In that same post, he suggested Mark Pomerantz, a former Manhattan prosecutor who once oversaw the case, should be “prosecuted for his terrible acts in and out of the D.A.’s Office.”

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Knowing he really can’t keep to himself, the former president appealed the gag order under the grounds of his First Amendment rights. However, it still remains in effect. A mid-level New York appeals court declined it, but a full five-panel has yet to decide.

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The jury selection will continue Thursday after Judge Merchan has dismissed several for “cause” based upon social media posts showing a bias against Trump. According to The Hill, seven out of 12 jurors have been selected. Judge Merchan hopes to begin on Monday with opening statements.

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