Last Updated on June 7, 2023

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson premiered his new program Tucker On Twitter to a massive audience, compiling tens of millions of views in a matter of hours. While Fox News and its corporate overlords had presumably hoped to silence Tucker through the 2024 Presidential Election, Carlson’s megaphone has only increased to quite possibly the largest in history since his dismissal from the cable news network.

Former Fox News host and longtime truth-seeking newsman Tucker Carlson premiered his new show, Tucker On Twitter, on Tuesday evening, with the show airing at 6:00 PM and compiling tens of millions of views in a matter of hours – and the number is still rising on Wednesday morning.

During the broadcast, Tucker blew the whistle on the latest apparent false flag in Ukraine, the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam, which has “put the largest nuclear reactor in Europe in danger of melting down.”

While Ukraine and its NATO sponsors are blaming Russia for blowing up the dam, Tucker explained that Ukraine had run previous test attacks on the structure, which was constructed by Russia and serves Russian-control Crimea.

“In December, The Washington Post quoted a Ukrainian General, saying his men had fired American-made rockets at the dam’s flood gate, as a test strike,” Tucker told his audience.

“So really, once the facts start coming, it becomes much less of a mystery what might have happened to the dam. Any fair person would conclude that the Ukrainians probably blew it up, just as you would assume the blew up Nord Stream, the Russian natural gas pipeline last fall, and in fact, the Ukrainians did do that, as we now know.”

From there Tucker blasted neo-con warmongers like Bill Kristol and Lindsey Graham, blasting the NATO power structure that has pushed the massively deadly Russo-Ukrainian War to the brink of going nuclear.

The entire episode of Tucker On Twitter stood in stark contrast to the Ukraine coverage that’s airing on Tucker-less Fox News, where anchors like Brian Kilmeade are wearing Ukrainian flag lapel pins on air, and where the likes of Neil Cavuto openly shill for World War 3 while shutting down naysayers on live television.

Watch the full first episode of Tucker On Twitter below: 

Hilariously, in the wake of the show’s premiere, left-wing corporate media has truly fallen flat in attacking Tucker Carlson.

A CNN headline called Tucker’s show “low-budget” and bemoaned his coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian War, which blows the lid off of the increasingly absurd pro-war narrative that CNN and others so fervently promote.

According to a metric published earlier this year, CNN is bringing in just 587,000 primetime viewers on an average day and ranks at the very bottom of the “Big Three” cable news line-up of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.