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Daily Mail: Zelensky visits Ukraine’s ‘frontline fortress’ which has long eluded capture by Putin: War-time President praises ‘superhuman’ troops in unconquered Bakhmut who have fended off Russian ‘meat-grinder’ 

* President Volodymyr Zelensky visted Bakhmut today to praise his troops 

* This was despite Russian artillery booming in the background 

* The Ukrainian President described the city as as Ukraine’s frontline ‘fortress’ 

* Vladimir Putin will meet senior military officials to weigh up assault on Ukraine 

 President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday visited the eastern frontline city of Bakhmut, now the epicentre of fighting in Russia’s nearly 10-month invasion of Ukraine.  

Zelensky met military officials and handed out awards to Ukrainian servicemen, who have been holding back a fierce and months-long Russian campaign for the city. 

To gain control of the city, Russia is believed to have relied on mercenaries, prison conscripts and newly mobilised soldiers to send waves of attacks against Ukrainian positions.  

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WNU Editor: As this blog predicted a few weeks ago. Bakhmut is now the biggest battle in the war. Even bigger than the battle for Mariupol. There are tens of thousands of soldiers fighting for this city, and from what I am seeing and reading the casualty numbers are horrific for both sides. 

Ukraine President Zelensky and his Generals understand this is an important battle that they must win. Hence his visit. If Bakhmut falls it will the risk the complete collapse of the entire front in this part of Donetsk. The Russian Generals, needless to say, are also aware on how important the battle for Bakhmut is, and have also committed a number of their best forces into the fight. 

The consensus is that the Russian military will succeed in taking the city in the coming weeks. I say wait and see. This war is very fluid, and anything is possible in the coming weeks. 

Ukraine President Zelensky Visits The Eastern Frontline City Of Bahkmut  

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