As RedState reported earlier, there was both good and bad news on the Twitter freedom front Wednesday, with the bad news being the European Union getting all stompy feet and threatening to ban the social media platform if new CEO Elon Musk, who has vowed to make it a more welcoming place for differing points of view and open dialogue, doesn’t tighten the reins by censoring and banning content according to the EU’s Digital Services Act.

“Twitter will have to implement transparent user policies, significantly reinforce content moderation and protect freedom of speech, tackle disinformation with resolve, and limit targeted advertising,” EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton reportedly told Musk during a video chat Wednesday.

Though Musk hasn’t publicly shared any info of his own from his virtual meeting with Breton, he did take to the Twitter machine after visiting Apple HQ and meeting with CEO Tim Cook, sharing the good news that the “misunderstanding” over Apple threatening to yank Twitter from its App store, something Musk alleged Monday, had been “resolved” – and that Cook told him “Apple never considered doing so”:

Musk’s meeting with Cook followed a five-day period where Musk admitted Twitter interfered in the 2020 elections, said he’d just make his own phone if Apple and Google tried to “Parler” Twitter by pulling it from their respective app stores, released “Twitter Files on free speech suppression,” and changed Twitter’s policy on discussions about COVID and the vaccines to make it so that people weren’t punished like they were under the old regime for posting alternative points of view.

Mixed in with the various announcements Musk made in that timeframe were not-so-subtle jabs at Apple, including asking the question “Did you know Apple puts a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through their App Store?” in response to a tweet from WatcherGuru on how “Apple takes a 30% tax from app developers who make over $1 million through the ‌App Store‌ on an annual basis.”

“Apple’s App Store is the equivalent to a 30% tax on the Internet,” they concluded.

At the same time all of this was going on, the Biden White House admitted during the Tuesday press briefing that they were busy “monitoring” Twitter for supposed “misinformation” under Musk, something they doubled down on during the Wednesday briefing, as noted by my RS colleague Teri Christoph.

So yeah, a lot going on, some good and some not so good. But the encouraging news in all this is that Musk appears to be staying true to his word (so far) that he’s in it for the long haul. After all, he didn’t get to where he is today by allowing powerful, self-important blowhards to bully him into submission.

As always, buckle up and stay tuned! The roller coaster ride is just getting started.

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