The US aims to build its own fleet of at least 60 nuclear-powered submarines but is struggling to meet its own needs. Photograph: Reuters 

The Guardian: US senators urge Joe Biden not to sell ‘scarce’ nuclear submarines to Australia 

Democrat and Republican lawmakers reportedly warned president that Aukus security pact could stress US submarine industrial base ‘to breaking point’ 

Two top US senators have urged president Joe Biden not to sell nuclear-powered submarines to Australia, warning it would diminish US national security given the vessels are “scarce”. 

The intervention confirms the US is under pressure not to sell its submarines before Australia is able to build its own as part of the Aukus alliance – meaning it could be decades before Australia gains nuclear submarines. 

A spokesperson for the Australian defence minister, Richard Marles, played down the leak, saying “the optimal pathway for Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines is taking shape, and an announcement remains on track to be made in the first part of this year.”  

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US Senators Urge President Biden Not To Sell Nuclear-Powered Submarines To Australia Since The US Navy Needs Them  

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