Last Updated on February 12, 2024

The Houston Police Department lectured the public and the press on their use of the preferred pronouns of the anti-Christian transgender mass shooter who shot up Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas on Sunday. The Houston Police say that their use of female pronouns for the man proclaiming womanhood comes after an extensive investigation into his transgenderism and pronoun preferences. They also say that they are officially listing him as a female on police documents.

The Houston Police Department told the media that they are identifying the transgender Houston church shooter as Genesee Ivonne Moreno, a Hispanic female using she/her pronouns, even though “Moreno’s” real name is Jeffrey Escalante, and he is a Hispanic male with a lengthy and violent criminal record.

“She utilized both male and female names,” the police told the media and the public during a press conference on Monday, the day after the mass shooting that left the trans terrorist dead, regardless of his/her pronouns.

“But, through all of our investigation to this point, talking with individuals, interviews, documents, and Houston Police Department reports, she has been identified this entire time as female. She/Her. And so, we are identifying her as Genesee Moreno, Hispanic female,” the police department explained, openly rejecting reality.

Watch the Houston Police Department grovel to the anti-Christian trans terrorist in the video below: 

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The Houston Police Department’s groveling to transgenderism is nothing new for American law enforcement in recent years, especially in blue cities like Houston, where the police have been slammed for painting their cars rainbow in honor of homosexuality and hiring gay and trans “liaisons” with taxpayer funds to tailor their enforcement of the law to LGBT’ers.

Still, and in what may be an encouraging sign for those pushing back on the trans insanity that is quite obviously endangering the lives of Americans, especially religious ones, the Houston Police and their pronoun investigation have been met with ridicule – including by X owner Elon Musk.

Musk chimed in under the video posted by @EndWokeness, slamming the Houston Police Department for having “Seriously messed up priorities.”

Elon Musk Questions Houston PD Priorities in Trans Mass Shooter Investigation