Last Updated on December 7, 2023

Journalist Megyn Kelly obliterated Ron DeSantis at Wednesday night’s News Nation GOP debate, in which Kelly was part of a team of moderators tossing questions at the Republican presidential candidates taking on 45th President Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination.

“Governor DeSantis, your campaign and its Super PAC have spent the most money, had the most high net worth donors, and had a wave of momentum coming into this race after your big re-election win in Florida,” said Kelly.

“You were seen by many as the candidate most likely to consolidate the non-Trump field. But here we are, a month out from the first real votes, and you haven’t managed to do it,” she went on, prompting audible laughter from the audience before the microphones picking that laughter up were seemingly cut off.

“In fact,” added Kelly, “Nikki Haley is beating you in New Hampshire and South Carolina now, and closing in on you in Iowa. Not to mention Trump, who is not only dominating the early states but is beating you in Florida by over 30 points.”

Kelly went on to ask DeSantis if polls showing Trump with a massive lead over the entire field mean that voters are telling DeSantis “not no, but not now” in relation to his presidential run, prompting DeSantis to deny the widespread polling that shows President Trump leading by as much as 60 points over his nearest competitor.

“So we have a great idea in America that the voters actually make these decisions, not pundits or pollsters,” DeSantis said to Kelly, going on to add that he is “sick” of hearing about the polls and trying to compare his own campaign’s polling woes to incorrect pollster predictions about a big red wave in the 2022 midterms.

Those results though, were largely due to DeSantis-adjacent Republicans (including those in his home state of Florida) working with Kevin McCarthy to snuff out pro-Trump America First candidates and surrender competitive districts to Democrats – in what was

Watch Megyn Kelly Roast Ron DeSantis Below: 

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