Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Freedom Caucus Rep. Bob Good delivered a patriotic speech on the House floor blasting “swamp creature” Kevin McCarthy’s speakership campaign and the refusal of the GOP to listen to their own voters and elect a Speaker of the House who will bring about “transformational change” to “save the Republic.”

Rep. Good (VA-5) is one of the House’s fiercest opponents of Kevin McCarthy’s campaign for speaker and has been among those conservatives spearheading efforts to nominate alternative candidates for the position. Having cast his vote against McCarthy each time his name has been called, Rep. Good, along with his Freedom Caucus colleagues, is vowing not to budge.

During his floor speech, Rep. Good rattled off numerous American accomplishments, hailing the United States as “the greatest country in the history of the world,” as other Representatives sat silently, having to be prompted for their applause, exposing their low levels of American patriotism and lack of interest in steering the nation towards continued prosperity.

The prolonged speakership vote, which has been criticized by the uni-party and their associated media outlets as “chaotic,” is truly a “great representation of the Constitutional Republic in which we enjoy living,” said Rep. Good, calling it a “high privilege” and a “distinct honor” to be among the people’s representatives.

Describing the United States as “teetering” on the brink of total destruction, thanks to the political class, Rep. Good said that “there’s just a window of opportunity to save the Republic,” and that the speaker vote is a chance to do just that.

The omnibus spending bills that are destroying America and leaving the country more than $30 trillion in debt have “sadly and unfortunately” been “supported by our former minority leader (Kevin McCarthy) every time it’s come up in the House, no matter who is in control, in the 12 years that he has been in leadership – contributing to the $32 trillion in debt.”

“We’re in crisis,” said Rep. Good, as over “5 million illegals have invaded the border in the last two years.”

“When is it too much?” Good asked.

“We’re in crisis with the state of our education system, K-12, college campuses, indoctrination of our kids.”

“We’re in crisis with the weakening of our military with these NDAA bills. We’re in crisis with the trampling of our most basic and essential freedoms over the last two years in ways we couldn’t imagine pre-2020,” Rep. Good said, before listing some of the oppressive COVID lockdowns and jab mandates ordered by the establishment leadership of both the Democrat and Republican parties.

“The greatest reflection of where the people in the country are is the House of Representatives. The people spoke, back on November 8th, and gave the majority by some 3 or 4 million votes to the Republican Party.”

“It’s not the White House, it’s not the Senate, it’s the People’s House that reflects where the American People are, and they trusted us, on this side of the aisle, with the leadership of this House,” said Rep. Good, adding that the GOP must do whatever it takes “to save this republic.”

“They’ve been telling me how to vote for three years. To vote for transformational change in our leadership of this Republican Party. They told me not to vote for the status quo, not to vote for the next-in-line establishment creature of the swamp cartel, but to vote for transformational change.”

“And they’re watching us,” said Rep. Good of the American People. “They’re wondering if we’ll hang in there, or will we cave, or will we give in, or will we let them down one more time! And I say we’re not gonna do that!”

Watch Rep. Good’s full speech below:

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