Last Updated on December 10, 2022

A Russian TV panelist mocked Joe Biden and the decline of American culture and standing over the span of roughly two and a half minutes, as part of a discussion on Russian TV following Biden’s decision to trade international arms dealer and terror associate Viktor Bout for pot-smoking WNBA player Brittney Griner, in the recent prisoner swap between the two nations.

According to the Russian news panelist, RT editor Margarita Simonyan, the United States is on the decline, as evidenced in the recent prisoner swap. Joe Biden reportedly chose to have WNBA player Brittney Griner freed over Paul Whelan, the Marine veteran accused of espionage and sentenced to 16-years in a Russian penal colony.

Biden and the United States, Simonyan said, had chosen to place a “black lesbian hooked on drugs,” over a Marine who “suffered while serving his fatherland.”

“Of course, I was very amused, but not surprised, that Bout was exchanged for [imprisoned WNBA player] Griner and not [imprisoned Marine veteran] Whelan,” the Russian news woman said.

“It’s just a catastrophe,” she later added, mocking the United States for destroying its own culture and founding population.

“American voters were given a choice,” she went on.

A choice between “a hero who suffered while serving his fatherland, a medal-covered hero who suffered during his service to his fatherland, the United States, or, a black lesbian, hooked on drugs who suffered for a vape with hashish.”

When speaking to the “choice” that she says American voters had, it’s unclear if Simonyan was citing the Republican “pink trickle” seen in the recent midterms, in which the GOP failed to win the Senate and captured only a razor-thin House majority, giving Biden further leeway over foreign affairs, politically speaking.

Domestically, Americans have expressed similar sentiments to Simonyan, and have pointed out that Griner vowed never to stand for the National Anthem again, before winding up in a Russian prison and talking about how great America was suddenly looking.

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This is “good news” for Russia Simonyan went on, mocking the United States for “spitting on its heroes” and putting disloyal, left-wing celebrities over servicemen.

America is “a nation that spits on its heroes to the extent that it considers it significantly more important to free a rightfully charged well-known athlete,” Simonyan said.

“[Griner] didn’t suffer because she served her motherland, but because she couldn’t live for 10 hours without hashish.”

“This says a lot about the state of this society [in the United States,]” she said.

Watch a clip from the Russian TV segment below:

According to a bombshell NBC report that has since been edited, perhaps to protect Joe Biden, the US was given a choice between freeing Marine veteran Paul Whelan and WNBA player Brittney Griner, choosing to exchange Griner for the “Merchant of Death.”

In another Russian TV segment, a news anchor further mocked the United States over the exchange, describing it as a “sensation in the West” and remarking that Russia’s prisons “are open to all American perverts and criminals.”