Last Updated on September 16, 2023

A white bicyclist in Las Vegas has died after a pair of black assailants recorded themselves driving through the city in a stolen car while deliberately smashing into other motorists and, eventually, the bicyclist, who is shown flying into the air after impact as the assailants cheer.

Two black Las Vegas teenagers stole a Hyundai before driving around the city on a car crash rampage and recorded themselves as they smashed into the back of another vehicle, before speeding down the road and ramming into a white 64-year-old bicyclist.

As shown in the video, the car is driven up behind the man on the bike at a high rate of speed, before his back tire is hit and he flies into the air, smashing into the car’s windshield before being thrown into the air once more.

“Hey yo dat n*gga knocked out!” cheered one the assailants after turning his camera around and showing the 64-year-old man, whose name was Andreas Probst, spending some of his final moments on earth lying on the shoulder of the road.

Watch the disturbing video footage below: 

According to a local media report, Las Vegas Police say that the car was indeed stolen.

Both the vehicle and the murdering car thief behind the wheel were tracked down and arrested later in the day on August 14th, when the attack took place.

The police say that the assailant is a juvenile, and has been “associated with several other vehicle thefts.”

While the murder was initially pawned off as an accident, police say that because the two assailants uploaded video footage of their rampage to social media, the video has proven that the bicyclist died as the result of a deliberate attack.

Though the footage has begun to go viral online, corporate media has vastly ignored the Las Vegas murder, much like they’ve ignored the epidemic levels of black-on-white inner-city crime that have become a daily fixture of video-based social networking, with both awareness activists and the assailants themselves widely sharing documentary evidence of anti-white violent crimes.

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