Joe Biden mixed up Ukraine and Iraq again on Wednesday. Cleary Biden’s deteriorating mental ability is why he keeps making mistakes, but many are questioning why Iraq keeps coming into Biden’s head when he talks about Ukraine. Could it be because Ukraine is the Deep State’s next forever war?

Biden said Wednesday that Putin is “clearly losing the war in Iraq.” Video shows Wednesday’s comment was at least the 4th time Biden has confused the two conflicts.

This has many wondering if Biden knows that Ukraine is the Deep State’s plan for America’s next forever war. The Deep State knows that the American public will not support another decade-long Middle Eastern war like Iraq, but enough Democrats and RINOs would support a decades-long war in Eastern Europe.

Something else that suggests that Biden knows American troops are heading to Ukraine was last year when Biden directly told American troops in Poland that they would be heading to Ukraine.

Another important consideration is that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated earlier this week that he would cancel the country’s elections due to the war. If America got into a World War with Russia, could Democrats cancel the 2024 election?

Remember, Democrats used Covid to rig the 2020 election against Trump; the next step up would be canceling an election.

Or could Democrats use Trump’s promise of preventing World War 3 against him, making up a lie that Russia hacked the election to get Trump elected to end the war? In 2016, Democrats falsely accused Trump of colluding with Russia. Falsely accusing Russia of hacking the 2024 election comes next.

Lastly, most of America’s military members come from states Hillary Clinton dubs deplorable. A massive war between the United States and Russia would result in heavy casualties, thus depopulating the red states that the left hates so much.

Biden’s Ukriane-Iraq gaffe may not simply be a gaffe, but a hint of something much more sinister at play.

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