“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

An armed criminal cell of assassins find themselves outside during daylight hours. The gunmen belong to the Los Salazares mob in the state of Sonora. Front and center before the men are the dismembered corpses of two members from the Los Pelones and La Chapiza cartel. 

A majority of the hitmen appear to have their faces concealed with balaclavas. One lone enforcer sports a checkered shemagh. And the blurred countenance of a man is seen exposed. Everyone has more than enough magazines on their chest rigs to keep an opposing force at bay. 

At 18 seconds into this broadcast the agonizing moans of a dying man can be heard loud and clear. His head is being violently removed with what looks to be an 8 inch knife by a right handed assassin. The cameraman pulls back from the close range recording to reveal that the victims arms and legs were removed beforehand. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: This message goes out to the Chapos gunmen. Your worlds will go to shit just like it did for these two individuals that we have here. 

Sicario #2: This job of mine is so easy that it’s causing me to get sleepy at this point. The truth is that I honestly don’t lose sleep or my appetite because of you sons of bitches. 

Sonora, Mexico

El Militante