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This is from an Article published on January 15, 2023, in the 1041 edition of the Ríodoce weekly.

The story is told by settlers and hitmen who could not rescue Ovidio Guzmán.

The man never picks up the cut-out “cuerno” with a disc loader. He was in the swarm of January 5 in Jesús María, but managed to return to the territory that he has in charge of the directions of Badiraguato. The two very young, their partner also brings a camouflaged M-16 short rifle. They say they had never seen anything like this, not even in 2019, in that government’s attempt to take Ovidio Guzmán.
The version of the hit men coincides with that of some inhabitants of Jesús María who described how a small plane, like the helicopters that the army also deployed, moved at high speed vomiting hundreds of shots that ended the lives of hitmen who traveled inside and in the chipped boxes of the vans.
It was a fire at discretion. They shot what was moving. That’s why they shot for “mistake”, at a unit of the State Security Secretariat, where the undersecretary, Carlos Alberto Hernández Leyva and his escorts were traveling, killing one of them, Ángel Eduardo Rivera Mondaca. They were attacked from one of the Black Hawks who were involved in the operation.

Spokespeople of the Sedena told Ríodoce that they would not talk about this fact or the participation of small planes in the operation, because an investigation was underway.
“Once the investigation is completed, it will be possible to determine how the operation took place both by air and by land,” they responded.

The residents of Jesús María, for their part, contradict the official report made by the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, regarding the 29 deaths that occurred during the operation, since the numbers can be much higher.

“Soldiers I couldn’t tell you how many died, but of ours I think there were about sixty or seventy, we don’t know,” said the same hitmen interviewed.

One of the residents, who lives next to Ovid’s house, confirms that the figure indicated by Sedena is ridiculous, because if only 50 vans were stranded in the town, and on average only one hitman was killed for each abandoned unit, the numbers do not add up.
“There were vans that carried up to six gunmen and killed them all,” he observed.

Neither the state prosecutor’s office nor the Semefo could confirm whether the number of dead elements exceeded those reported by Sedena. However, a worker at a local funeral home indicated that among his colleagues there was talk that at least sixty services had been sold to the families of the dead who participated in the confrontation in Jesús María, and that most of those services did not report them as violent events, but as natural deaths.

“But the funeral home is not going to say that, and the truth is that not even the government itself knows exactly how many hitmen died in that confrontation, but there were not 19, because among us we have commented on the services that have been sold and we have counted more than sixty, plus the bodies of the hitmen that have not been found, because many of those bodies were abandoned in

The plane of death
The confrontation, according to hitmen and neighbors of Jesús María, was the vivid portrait of horror and war, with a plane entering and leaving the town shooting left and right.

“He didn’t respect people, cows, donkeys, or anything, not even his own people, and he was wrong because of the number of people who were fighting on the ground,” recalls one of the hitmen.
According to elements of the air force, the type of small aircraft used by the army could be a North F-5, a war aircraft that is just over 14 meters long, and that was first used in 1959. What made the aircraft deadly, however, was a weapon identified as M-134 Mini Gun, a six-gun rifle that when fired rotates on its own axis, with magnificent speed, and releases up to 6,000 shots per minute.

The projectiles are 7.62 mm caliber, the same type used by the AK-47 “Chivo Horn”.
According to security elements and the hitmen themselves, the armor of the hitmen’s units would have endured that type of fire, and in some cases the impacts of a .50 caliber Barret, since the glass of several of the vans had a thickness of up to ten centimeters, and on the doors steel sheets, eight centimeters.

They hit the target.The problem, according to Riodoce in many of the vehicles insured by the army, is that the units did not have protection in the part of the roof, which was where the shots entered.
“That’s where we lost it, because many cars were destroyed from above, and that’s why there were many dead people, and there was blood, fire, terror; a very ugly thing what was experienced there in the JM,” said the hitman.

Mrs. Tomasa Carrillo, who lives next to Ovidio’s house, remembers the plane with terror, and since the hitmen were lying like flies, she even says that she cannot erase from her mind the screams of pain of the hitmen who were fighting on the ground, and that they were shot without mercy every time the plane passed by.

“I didn’t see anything because we were lying on the floor of the house and we were very afraid, but we did hear the thunder of the shots, and the weapons of the helicopters were heard more strongly, but what was being heard that it was the submachine gun of the plane, because every time it passed it was heard that it was doing a lot of damage from the scream.

Special forces
No one in the village could specify the exact time of the arrival of the military. What is not specified is that it all started with shots from the military who apparently fell by rappelling around the town and reached their target by crawling between the grass and the stones.
According to a soldier, they were GAFES (Aerial Group of Special Forces), which had already located the exact place where Ovid was, and first they eliminated the escort who took care of him outside his house and then entered the home.

The narrative about how he was extracted and taken to a helicopter that landed less than fifty meters away, is full of inaccuracies, since none of the interviewees dared to peek out their windows during the clashes, and those who did it only peeked out for a couple of seconds that did not coincide when Ovid was taken out of his home.

A young man said that he saw the soldiers fall by helicopter near the drug trafficker’s house, but he could not specify how many they were or what they did moments later, because the clashes were just beginning.

“The first shots were heard and I peeked out, and I saw a soldier shooting at the tires of the armored vans of the people of Ovid to make them useless, and then a hit man shot him in the head and killed him, and at that moment the shots began to everything he gave,” the young man recalled.

It is believed that just at that moment the first security circle began to defend itself and began an exchange of gunfire with the soldiers. About 10 truck trucks of hitmen who took care of Ovid in the surroundings of the town quickly mobilized, and went to the main house, but were shot by the helicopters, which then already flew over the town, and fired every vehicle from the air.

A resident of the Agua Caliente area, south of Jesús María, on his way to Culiacán, says that from 4:30 in the morning, dozens of vans full of gunmen passed through that area at high speed. Three dozen more would have taken the Mexico 15 highway, blocking the road with trailers, passenger trucks and other vehicles.

The gunmen interviewed indicate that they received the request for support around six in the morning, so they immediately loaded AK-47 and .50 caliber Barret machine guns, grenades, and suitcases with more than 6,000 shots to each of the nine units that would provide support.

“It took us about an hour to get there, but when we arrived the boludo was detonating massively. They were at everything they gave; there was a massive government, green soldiers and the National Guard, and they were getting everything,” the hitman recalled.

The slogan was to recover Ovid at the expense of anything, because by then he was in the hands of the army and it is believed that he was still protected by the Gafes in his own house, and they could not extract him due to the number of hitmen who continued to arrive in armored trucks and fought with blood and fire trying to prevent him from taking him.

By then the soldiers did everything possible to prevent more armored trucks from approaching the house, and with the Hummers they crashed into the armored units of Los Chapitos until they were overturned, to prevent them from advancing, while by air, the Black Hawks and the plane continued to shoot them.

It could have been at 8:00 in the morning when they extracted it, what is clear is that it was through a helicopter that landed right from a jar that is in the highest part of the town, and apparently it was protected by a rain of gunfire from the remaining two Black Hawks and the plane, which allowed the Gafes to achieve a clean extraction.

It is unknown if his wife and two daughters were also removed and taken to the airport, because as the neighbors told Ríodoce, his family was with him and they were no longer known.

After the extraction, and during the following six hours, hitmen and soldiers continued to fight, although by then other gunman units would have gone to the airport to try to prevent the Sedena Boeing from taking off with its goal.

Sometimes it gets lost.
They had lost it. They had sworn to sacrifice their own lives to prevent the army from taking their boss, but they didn’t succeed.
“We feel bad that we have not been able to rescue him, because one is here, we are for them, for what they say and defend them with life if necessary, but well, the bosses will continue; it does affect us that they have taken it, but the business of the bosses has to continue,” said the hitman.
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