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The Guardian: Debt ceiling deal ready for Congress after bipartisan support, Biden says 

President calls tentative agreement ‘an important step forward’ but deal still needs to receive approval from a divided Congress 

US president Joe Biden has said a bipartisan deal to raise the US debt ceiling and avoid a default is ready to move to Congress and urged lawmakers to pass the deal he struck with Kevin McCarthy.

On Sunday night Biden told reporters at the White House that he believed the House Speaker negotiated in good faith and had the votes to pass the agreement, which the president said protects his key policy priorities and is “good news” for the American people.  

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WNU Editor: Not all of the details on this agreement have been released …. Details of US debt ceiling deal being ironed out to avert catastrophic default (The Guardian). More here …. Debt ceiling deal: What’s in, what’s out of the agreement to avert US default (AP), and here …. Here are the 6 must-know provisions of the new debt ceiling deal (Politico).  

Update: Not everyone is on board with this deal …. House Republicans threaten to vote against McCarthy’s ‘unacceptable’ debt-ceiling deal with Biden (NYPost). More here …. ‘Kevin Caved’: McCarthy Savaged Over Debt Ceiling Deal (Zero Hedge). 

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