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Michael Gfoeller and David H. Rundell, Newsweek: Lessons From the U.S. Civil War Show Why Ukraine Can’t Win 

During the early years of America’s Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln sought a limited conflict against people he still regarded as fellow countrymen and with whom he sought reconciliation. Only after three years of stalemate did he turn to “Unconditional Surrender Grant,” who in turn unleashed General William Tecumseh Sherman to “make Georgia howl” and help bring the war to its decisively violent conclusion. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin waited only six months before switching from a special military operation to full scale war against Ukraine. Putin’s initial assault was limited to barely 150,000 troops. He expected a quick victory followed by negotiations on his principal concerns: Russian control of Crimea, Ukrainian neutrality, and autonomy for the Russian population in the Donbas, but he was wrong.  

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WNU Editor. I was surprised reading this commentary/analysis in Newsweek. I disagree with some  points, but others I do agree with. It is certainly very different from what has been much of the media narrative since the start of the war. Needless to say it is my must read post for tonight.