“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

The broken defeat can be heard in a woman’s voice as she narrates before the camera the information that her captors seek to hear. 
Her husband, Fermín El Águila, along with some members of the national police force, were allegedly murdering various people in and around the city of San Luis Rio Colorado. 
The husband claimed to be a member of the Los Rusos. At this time, the fate of this woman is unknown. 
Video translation is a follows:
Interrogator: What’s your name?
Captive: Maria Guerra. 
Interrogator: What was your husbands name?
Captive: Fermin Barte Piña. 
Interrogator: What was his moniker?
Captive: El Águila (The Eagle). 
Interrogator: What did your husband do for a living?
Captive: He was a drug dealer. He had been doing this for 12 years. 
Interrogator: What else did he do?
Captive: He executed people. 
Interrogator: Which vehicle did he move around in?
Captive: He drove a blue Toyota Sienna. It was initially painted grey, then gold, and it went back to blue again. 
Interrogator: Which government body helped your husband to commit those murders?
Captive: The National Guardsmen. 
Interrogator: Who specifically are these individuals?
Captive: I don’t know. I have no knowledge of who they are. The only thing I would hear is that he would talk to them. But I have no idea who they were. 
San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora