We’ve been speculating for some time about what Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) would be doing once he was out of Congress.

It seemed a foregone conclusion that he was angling to be hired by either CNN or MSNBC based on his effort to go after Republicans and true conservatives. We’ve predicted repeatedly that this would be the outcome of his actions. It was just a question of which one would be the bigger loser and go all on the Kinzinger nonsense.

Now the word is in as to which is going to take his tear-filled persona on. It’s CNN who is going to make him a “Senior Political Commentator.”

When was this arranged? It had to have been before he was finished in Congress since that was just Tuesday. Just how long has he been on their payroll? Was there any question that this would be the outcome when he decided to throw in with the Democrats to help in their political witchhunt on the Jan. 6 Committee? Looks like he’s finally getting the payday for which he seemed to be angling.

Kinzinger will doubtless be portrayed as the “conservative” voice on the network, despite doing all he can to attack the Republican Party. We’ve seen that before in other media where they portray people like the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin as “conservative” when they are anything but.

But if CNN CEO Chris Licht thought this was going to help the network be taken more seriously or show that CNN is willing to include “both sides,” this isn’t going to work, since most Republicans don’t view Kinzinger as a Republican, and they don’t view putting him out there as showing the “Republican” side. He’s a truly embarrassing choice.

Not to mention, does CNN know they just hired a guy who threatened a cat on Twitter for posting a meme that criticized him? Have they checked out any of his crazy Twitter rants and the misinformation that he’s spread? Do they know that he fell for a ridiculous hoax about Sam Hyde being the Ghost of Kyiv? How could anyone trust anything he had to say? Not exactly a good choice, if they trying to move away from being “fake news.” If they thought their ratings were bad before, they’re likely to get even worse with the crying Kinzinger on their staff.

Next for Kinzinger to add to the CNN gig? A book on his great bravery on the Jan. 6 Committee and how it cost him so much (hint: it didn’t). You know that’s coming too.

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