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* The release of the victims of deprivation of liberty took place in the municipalities of Pinos and General Pánfilo Natera

* The 14 people were arrested in Pinos, Villa Hidalgo, Noria de Ángeles and Villa González Ortega

* 23 firearms, one grenade launcher, two grenades, and 21 vehicles were seized

ZACATECAS, ZAC.- Through an operation deployed on Sunday, March 19 by the security forces, Mexican Army, National Guard and Ministry of Public Security, in the southeast of the State of Zacatecas and in various actions, they managed to free 14 victims of illegal deprivation of liberty, the arrest of 14 probable members of criminal cells and the seizure of weapons, vehicles and tactical equipment.

The deployment originated after the aggression suffered by military personnel during the early hours of the same Sunday in the municipality of Pinos, where nine victims of deprivation of liberty were rescued.

Following these events, an important security device was deployed, in which authorities from the three levels of Government participated and, with the support of the helicopter of the Ministry of Public Security, the following results were achieved:

In Pinos, two people were arrested and two vehicles, a long firearm, a short gun and a hand grenade were seized.

In Villa Hidalgo, four men were arrested, two from Oaxaca and two from Durango, and 11 vehicles were seized, one of them armored, 15 long firearms, a grenade launcher, a large number of cartridges and magazines.

In that same municipality, a lifeless person was located, who was wearing a ballistic vest.

Subsequently, in the municipality of General Pánfilo Natera, security forces released five more people who had been deprived of their liberty.

The victims, all from different states of the Mexican Republic, were transferred to receive medical attention, in addition to being provided with accompaniment and the attention they required.

In the municipality of Noria de Ángeles, four men were arrested, who were identified as Carlos “N”, 43 years old and originally from Durango; Carlos Antonio “N”, 23 years old and originally from Baja California; Agustín “N”, 28, and Silvestre “N”, 38, both originally from Zacatecas.

Likewise, six long firearms, 32 magazines supplied, six motor units corresponding to a Toyota Raw, a Ford double cab, a Chevrolet Silverado vehicle, a BMW car, two motorcycles and four tactical vests were secured.

On state highway number 144, Pinos-Villa Hidalgo section, two more vehicles were secured, a GMC Sierra Denali truck and a Ford F150 XLT; Inside both units were located magazines, a large number of cartridges of various calibers and metal stars known as tire punches.

Both units were reported stolen, the first in the State of Nuevo León and the second in Loreto, Zacatecas.

In the municipality of Villa García, four women carrying communication equipment were arrested.

A total of 23 firearms, a grenade launcher, two grenades and 21 vehicles were seized.

Source noticieroelcirco.mx

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