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 Daily Mail: Zelensky declares Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson ‘the beginning of the end’ as emotional cheering crowds watch Ukrainian president raise their nation’s flag over the city once more 

* Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky visited Kherson and addressed troops 

* Russian soldiers were forced to retreat from the city after months of occupation 

* Crowds of Ukrainians cried and cheered in Kherson as they greeted Zelensky 

* Zelensky was emotional as he watched the Ukrainian flag being raised in city 

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky today called the Russian withdrawal from Kherson ‘the beginning of the end of the war’ as he met soldiers and locals in the newly liberated city.

A jubilant crowd cheered as an emotional Zelensky, who has remained in Ukraine throughout the war, watched the nation’s flag being raised once again in Kherson. 

The liberation of the southern city after a grinding offensive that forced Russian forces to flee it is one of Ukraine’s biggest successes in the nearly nine-month war.  

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WNU editor: I am not as optimistic as Zelensky. What I see is the beginning of a new phase in the war, not the beginning of the end. 

 Zelensky Visits Kherson. Says Liberation ‘Beginning Of The End Of The War’ 

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