Last Updated on December 24, 2022

Ukrainian president Volodmyr Zelensky dressed in a shabby sweatshirt when he spoke before the United States Congress at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., even as America’s politicians funnel astronomical amounts of taxpayer money to Zelensky’s ineffective war effort against Russia. Zelensky’s disrespectful attire, a slap in the face to his American benefactors, garnered mockery and ire from some in the commentariat.

“As far as we know, no one’s ever addressed the United States Congress in a sweatshirt before, but they love him much more than they love you,” Tucker Carlson stated.

But Zelensky is not alone in the oligarch class when it comes to inflicting his shabby appearance on the American people. Sam Bankman-Fried, leader of the collapsing FTX cryptocurrency exchange who was recently arrested in the Bahamas, basically taunted and ridiculed the public with his disgusting appearance throughout his shortlived reign as a political power broker. Bankman-Fried became the second largest donor to pro-Democrat causes in the 2022 midterm elections (after only George Soros) while looking like he just rolled out of bed, exposing audiences to his flabby male breasts and “bed-head.” Campaign Show host Patrick Howley refers to Bankman-Fried as looking like “Rosie O’Donnell on a meth binge.” Even The New York Times ran a headline referring to Bankman-Fried entitled, “Hey Silicon Valley, Maybe It’s Time to Dress Up, Not Down.”

And of course, John Fetterman, who suffered a brain injury during the age of the Coronavirus needle injection (which Fetterman supports) ran for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania sporting aesthetic contempt for the office to which he aspired. In the Senate, will Fetterman continue to look like someone who might wipe Dorito stains across their shirt at any given time? One thing is clear: the progressive oligarchs have been doing quite well financially, without having the basic dignity that one would expect from an entry-level job applicant. Will Americans now realize that it’s time to STOP hiring them?