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This article was reposted and translated from Noroeste news site 

Sedena, National Guard, state and municipal police also seize apocryphal uniforms and two pickup trucks in the town of Benito Juárez, Villa Juárez, following a citizen complaint.

A total of 16 long arms, grenade launchers, ammunition, drugs, two pickup trucks and apocryphal uniforms were seized in a coordinated operation by elements of the Mexican Army, National Guard, municipal and state police in a town of Navolato.
The agents reported that while driving along the La 20 highway, near the town of Benito Juarez, belonging to the Villa Juarez syndicate, the officers received a citizen’s report about the presence of armed men on board vehicles, who were unloading weapons in a house.
The uniformed officers went to the site where they found a pick up type vehicle without license plates, which was started up by its occupants in the presence of the authorities, who managed to flee.
In the area there were also two pickup trucks, a RAM with no theft report and a Nissan pickup truck, the latter with a theft report; both were parked in a building and contained various objects.
Upon approaching to verify what they were, the officers noticed that the units contained 16 long arms, as well as a grenade launcher, boxes with ammunition of different calibers and containers with substances such as fentanyl, marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine and heroin.
Also found in one of the units were military-style uniform pants, vests and helmets.
Following this discovery, both vans were seized and the property was secured pending a search warrant.
It should be noted that the corresponding authority will be in charge of defining the quantity and type of drugs seized, in addition to proceeding with the search of the house in question.
The seizure is part of the “Operation Culiacan Safety” strategy.