“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Different media report that regional Mexican singer Alfredo Olivas was allegedly kidnapped by an armed criminal cell after having performed in Zacatecas. According to information from Telediario, a group of armed men intercepted the vans in which they were traveling.

Alfredo Olivas reportedly abducted after a presentation in Zacatecas

During the robbery, the armed group robbed them of their belongings and the vehicles in which they were traveling near the community of Concha de Oro. According to the same media, five of the people who were with the singer have already been released, although investigations continue.

At the moment there are no more details about what happened to the singer and if he has been released, so it is expected that in the next few hours the singer’s team will make a statement about what happened in the last hours.

As far as it is known, authorities of Zacatecas and Coahuila are in the middle of a joint operation to find the criminals who kidnapped Alfredo Olivas, a singer who in the last months has increased his popularity.

It should be noted that the singer’s last publications on his social networks were 15 hours ago in a video in which he thanked the public for the concert he recently offered in Monterrey with Luis R. Conriquez, at the same time he announced a solo concert at the Monterrey Arena on October 7, in fact, this February 14 the tickets would go on sale.