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Diego Alonso Salas Hernandez was the local boss (plaza boss) for the Gulf Cartel faction Los Escorpiones in Río Bravo, Tamaulipas, across the border from Donna, Texas
Diego Alonso Salas Hernández, also known as El Yeyo or Escorpión 70, was apprehended by the National Guard in downtown Matamoros, Tamaulipas, yesterday. He is purportedly the plaza boss of the Gulf Cartel’s Escorpiones faction in Río Bravo municipality.
The arrest took place on Thursday at approximately 2:55 p.m. on González Street in downtown Matamoros. According to the National Registry of Detentions, the individual was identified as Diego Alonzo “S” (last name omitted) and was subsequently transferred to the local Attorney General’s Office.
Images circulating on social media depicted Salas being apprehended by three officials; initially, he was not wearing handcuffs when taken into custody at the scene of the arrest.
However, in a subsequent image taken while in custody, he was seen wearing handcuffs. It is presumed that he was then transferred to Mexico City for legal proceedings.
Authorities taking Diego Alonso Salas Hernandez, alias Escorpion 70, into custody (source: Reynosa Codigo Rojo R1)
The arrest took place following surveillance by National Guard units. Upon spotting a vehicle, a pursuit ensued, leading to an exchange of gunfire before the apprehension.
His arrest comes following a surge in violence in Reynosa and Rio Bravo that erupted in late January. While much of the unrest was concentrated in Reynosa, it spilled over into the neighboring municipality of Rio Bravo.
Salas’s arrest has received limited coverage from media outlets and has not gained national attention like the recent apprehension of Gulf Cartel José Alberto García Villano, alias La Kena or the manhunt for Carlos Humberto Acuña de los Santos, alias “El Mono”.
Reynosa is believed to be controlled by the Los Metros faction, while Rio Bravo falls under the influence of Los Escorpiones, which also holds sway in Matamoros.
Picture released on social media showing Salas in custody
Criminal profile
Salas, known by aliases such as Escorpion 70, Scorpion 70, SC70, and El Yeyo, was one of the top members of Los Escorpiones, the Matamoros Gulf Cartel faction.
Reports indicate that Salas is the son-in-law of Luis Alberto Blanco Flores, also known as “El Pelochas,” “M-28,” and/or “Metro 28,” who held a high-ranking position within the Gulf Cartel in recent years.
Salas allegedly orchestrated an assault on Tamaulipas State Police officers in Reynosa, resulting in the deaths of two officers. Although rumors circulated about his demise in September 2023, subsequent reports confirmed this was not true.
He assumed the position of plaza boss in Rio Bravo after Jaime Humberto Escalante Soto, also known as “Escorpión 45” and “El Casco,” was reassigned to oversee operations in San Fernando municipality.
Note: He also went by the name Diego Aurelio Salgado.