Joe Biden has been trying to reach out to the Hispanic community ahead of the 2024 election. 

The numbers haven’t been looking very good for him, as we’ve reported. His efforts so far don’t seem to be stemming the hemorrhaging away from him and toward former President Donald Trump. When he tries to reach out, he makes bizarre racist comments like he did during the Cinco de Mayo event he had at the White House and seems to think that Hispanics are fans of illegal immigration. 


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But he did an interview with a Spanish-language station, speaking about immigration among other topics. He sounded so old. 

“One of the reasons we’re growing so much is we have a significant influx of immigrants coming into our country,” Biden said. Does he mean illegal aliens?  

“One of the reasons our economy is so good. We’re not a xenophobic nation,” he said. 

First, our economy is not good when people are crushed by Bidenflation. Plus, we are spending billions to deal with the illegal alien crisis he’s let loose at the border and now across the country as local areas have to deal with all the ramifications of his disaster. 

Yes, we are not xenophobic. That doesn’t mean we don’t police our own borders and enforce the law. But Biden hasn’t been doing that, he’s failed to uphold his obligation to our nation. He also almost created an international incident last month by calling our allies Japan and India xenophobic because they don’t throw open their doors for everyone to flood in like he does. 


Biden spoke about why he was paying attention to Hispanics because of their percentage in the community. 

Biden has repeated this false statistic in the past, but he doesn’t seem to be able to adjust to getting it right. It’s more like 26 percent are Hispanic, not that they speak Spanish. 

Biden compared the Hispanic influx now to the influx of Irish from the famine. 

He then accidentally said the quiet part out loud, that there was even a “bigger influx now in terms of Hispanic voters, Hispanic citizens, who want to become citizens.”

Whoops, he just let the cat out of the bag and said something he wasn’t supposed to. That’s how he views “immigrants” (in his parlance that includes illegal aliens) — as potential voters. That’s what all this open borders is about. 


It’s no wonder they are trying to cut his speaking time when he says things like this. 

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