The debate details are moving fast and furious, and now there’s a little more.

CNN announced that Dana Bash and Jake Tapper would be the moderators for the first debate on June 27. Can you get any more favorable to Joe Biden? Is he going to get the questions in advance as well? 


ABC moderators are reportedly David Muir and Linsey Davis. 

But as I wrote, there might be a wrench thrown in the works because Robert F. Kennedy is now saying that according to the CNN terms for the debate, he would qualify. But Biden doesn’t want him there. So this raises the question as to whether Biden uses this to duck the whole debate saying they’re not complying with his terms. 

How lame those terms are, but it’s because he can’t do it without trying to completely control the environment. 


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I think he thought if it was CNN that Trump would say no, so he could say he agreed but Trump wouldn’t. But Trump seems to have called his bluff on that. It remains to be seen if Trump can prevent it from being a weighted show for Biden. 


Biden is also backing off a third debate with Fox that Trump offered. 

Fox’s Peter Doocy tried to ask him about that and other media tried to ask other questions of Biden at a meeting. First Biden just smirked and frankly looked kind of evil. 

You can hear Doocy say, “Why not debate a third time?” 

Biden staffers tried to shove the media out of the room, but Biden did respond to a question about whether he was looking forward to debating, with a typical snippy response, “I am, come on!”  

If he can’t even deal with the media asking questions about a debate, how’s he possibly going to handle a debate without a lot of help? That’s why he doesn’t want to have an audience, it’s already going to be too much for him to deal with. 

There should be a couple more rules: no stimulants and no help/questions beforehand from the moderators/networks or their agents. Because I seriously doubt how fair either of these two debates would be. Now, assuming these are held, I fully expect the media to spin it no matter how badly Joe does and declare him the winner, even if he gaffes all over the place. 


We’re already seeing a CNN reporter even appear to promote Biden merchandise and pimp the campaign online store so you already know how objective this is all going to be. 


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