There are so many things that Joe Biden’s team has to watch out for with him. 

They can’t have him walk by himself, they have to have the staff run out and walk between him and the media so that they don’t see how decrepit he looks and can’t ask questions. 


They can’t have him do substantive interviews. They have to give him notes for everything or a teleprompter to help direct him on what to do. 

Yet they still can’t seem to stop the problems because they can’t change their basic underlying flawed product: Joe Biden. They can treat the branch, they can treat the symptoms, but the root, the cause, is still twisted and not right. 

On Thursday, he spoke at a campaign event in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Again he repeated a lot of the same falsehoods that he keeps saying about the economy, claiming that he’s created “15 million new jobs,” falsely taking credit for people returning to work after the pandemic. He also falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump and his “Mega” allies had given the rich a tax cut. 

He didn’t even realize that he said “mega” rather than “MAGA,” he can never seem to read the teleprompter correctly and often has no idea what he’s saying. 

Moreover, the tax cuts benefitted most Americans and Biden has promised to let them lapse, which means most Americans will have to pony up more if Biden stays in office. Yet this is the bilge he sells people. Trump needs to make that an ad and keep playing it on a loop in the swing states. 


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Then came Biden’s effort to spell out a word, I think perhaps because he didn’t understand what the word was.

I think he was referring to PFAS, which are chemicals that are used in things like non-stick cookware and water-repellent clothing. 

There aren’t any dashes in the word, so I don’t know what the heck he’s talking about there and I don’t think he does either. I thought possibly he was reading an instruction off the teleprompter again and got confused. I’m not even sure I want to say what that word sounds like if you sound it out. But whatever he meant to say, he once again managed to trip all over himself. 

Then came this remarkable claim from a slurring Biden where all the bell and whistles of a “Biden tall tale” went off. Check this out: 

Biden claimed that Walmart had “opened a new store” and was going to be charging “for all the products they had” the “same exact price that they charged before the pandemic.” 


Yeah, no, I don’t know what he’s talking about here. Neither do any of the Walmart folks I spoke to at my local Walmart. What he may mean is that in March the Walmart president and CEO said that some products would be lower than a year ago, but also that some would be higher. I think basically saying that some things would be less than they were at the highest cusp of inflation. He certainly didn’t say what Biden said about rolling back prices to pre-pandemic prices, so once again Biden seems to have been spreading a lot of malarkey. He wants credit for some prices coming down not because of him, but no blame for the fact that they went up because of him. 

But that’s Biden — nothing he says is trustworthy because of how much he lies and just fantasizes. 

Then, before he shuffled out, he finished off the event with another “Don’t jump” non-sequitur, as he then tried to find his way off the stage.