At what point will the liberal media call out Joe Biden for this sickness he has? 

It is a sickness if you can’t stop spreading falsehoods even when what you say is nonsense and untrue, but you keep on saying it. 


On Tuesday, at Biden’s second campaign stop in Tampa, Florida, at an office with supporters, he was back to claiming false stories about his background. What must these people think when they’re supposed to be supporting this person who just keeps spreading things that aren’t true? 

True to form, Biden pulled out the civil rights story. 

“I got involved, when I was a kid in electoral politics, out of the civil rights movement!” Biden claimed. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that Biden’s aides had said he wasn’t done marching…but he kept telling it anyway. 

Biden even debunked this himself back in the 1980s. 


Yet Biden is still telling it 40 years later. That’s sickness. 

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But if that wasn’t enough, he pulled out another debunked lie about himself. 

“Besides, I used to drive an 18-wheeler,” Biden said. That’s such a bald-faced lie it’s even been called out by Politifact.

Biden **rode** in an 18-wheeler once — nearly 50 years ago. There is no evidence that he has ever driven one.

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He also said something else that is pretty delusional. 

No, it isn’t. But feel free to waste a lot of money there pretending it is. But that would reveal how truly clueless they are.


Meanwhile, note that there’s barely anyone there at the event. It looks like Joe Biden doesn’t have many supporters in Florida. How does he think they’re going to have Florida in play with an anemic contingent like that? 

Sleepy Joe energy. 

As Biden said at his first stop in Tampa earlier in the day, “we can’t be trusted.” 

He has proven once again with his comments that’s right. 


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