The ridiculous Biden campaign rally outside the Trump trial Tuesday in Manhattan was too much for even loony leftist MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, co-anchor of the unwatchable Biden cheerleading show “Morning Joe.” Although the mainstream media screeched when prominent Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), appeared at the trial earlier this month, many had no problem with Biden trotting out a seemingly hysterical Robert De Niro, who ranted about Trump being a thug while acting like a deranged maniac himself.


Raging insanity:

Biden Campaign Holds Wild Presser Outside Trump Trial, With Special Guest… Robert De Niro?

Although Brzezinski can usually be relied on to whitewash any Biden misdeeds and characterize the smallest of issues with Trump as “dangers to democracy,” apparently she has just enough pride left in her work to recognize that holding a campaign rally outside your opponent’s sham trial is obviously a no holds barred effort to politicize the proceedings.

Speaking with Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler Wednesday, she surprisingly got right to the point:

I guess I have to ask you why you decided to speak there and to have the campaign show up at the courthouse. I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right to me at all.

Honest words coming out of her mouth… Color me surprised. Tyler’s response, meanwhile, was one of the more disingenuous that you will ever hear:

Tyler said the campaign, De Niro and two former police officers, who were at the Capitol on Jan. 6, decided to speak outside the courtroom on Tuesday because the media had been “incessantly posted up there for weeks.” He said Trump needed to answer for the “continued threat” he poses to democracy, as well as his “embrace of political violence.”

“So that’s what Robert De Niro and officers [Michael] Fanone and [Harry] Dunn were speaking to down in Manhattan yesterday. They were speaking to the fact that Donald Trump still regularly embraces political violence, is calling for a bloodbath if he loses this election, and is pledging to rule as a dictator on day one,” Tyler continued.



This is who they are now: they’re happy to just straight up lie to your face. The Trump “bloodbath” controversy has been thoroughly debunked; he was talking about the auto industry, not blood in the streets.

It was always a lie:

Media Fail Compilation: ‘Bloodbath’ Headlines in Lockstep With DNC Talking Points

This hurts to do, but I have to compliment Mika on doing the unexpected: she actually pushed back:

Last week when the members of Congress showed up to support Donald Trump, I called it unbecoming of the office, of their serving the people of their district. American citizens are not supposed to politicize a court proceeding, and I feel the same way about the campaign. Is there any concern about the campaign getting a little bit too close to these court proceedings and could that backfire? Any concerns looking back was it a good decision?

Tyler, however, being a Biden man, just continued to deliver slippery excuses and went off on some BS tangent about creativity:  

…so when you have one thing like this trial that’s taking up a lot of oxygen, you have to be creative, you have to use every tool at your disposal to break through that clutter and communicate your message to the electorate. That’s what yesterday was about and this campaign will continue to be creative in the way we reach the voters where they are right now.


What a load of hooey. You’re trying to politicize a trial, and it’s so obvious that even the extremists at MSNBC have to point it out. When leftists are growing concerned with the dangerous path we’re going down with these clown show prosecutions, you know it’s all gone off the rails.