Multiple news outlets are reporting that at least one gun was fired during the graduation ceremony for a Kansas City, Missouri, high school on Saturday, with two injured in the shooting, one “potentially deceased”:


Multiple law enforcement agencies are responding to reports of a shooting incident during the DeLaSalle High School graduation ceremony in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Kansas City, Mo., Police Department reported that emergency crews were dispatched to the De La Salle Education Center at 3737 Troost Ave. around 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, following reports of a shooting.

Upon arrival, first responders discovered that an altercation had erupted between two groups during the ongoing graduation ceremonies.

During the incident, at least one person discharged a firearm.

The report continued:

Sources informed Channel3 NOW that two people were shot, with one potentially deceased, and multiple parked cars were struck by gunfire.

Channel3 Now also shared this video of the attendees scrambling for safety after shots rang out:


The story by Channel3 Now added that there may be additional injuries, as some children and elderly attendees were trampled during the incident, but officials had not released any information on whether the shooter or shooters had been arrested. Meanwhile, local TV channel KCTV reported conflicting information that the Kansas City Police Department said no injuries had been reported.

As this is a breaking story, RedState will provide further updates as they become available.