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This article was translated and reposted from LUZ NOTICIAS 

The units were towed away with a crane. This occurred during the search of a home in the Progreso neighborhood.

WRITTEN BY: Luis Ramirez


Elements of the Mexican Army managed to secure six vehicles, this occurred in the Progreso neighborhood during the search that took place this Tuesday morning, June 11, in the state capital.
Among the items secured by the soldiers was a Porsche, as well as people detained at the scene of the incident.
The units that were secured are:
A Jepp pickup truck, Gladiotor type.
An old model Jeep pickup truck.
A Gymi pickup truck.
A Ford pickup truck.
One Porsche Cayenne pickup truck.
One ATV motorcycle.
In order to take the units away they had to bring in tow trucks to tow the units.
Prosecutor’s Office:
These will be placed before the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office.
The operation took place early this morning when the military arrived at a house located on Colinas and Maquío Clouthier streets, where they secured a property.
Once at the place, the agents of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the search where they secured several objects and vehicles.
Unofficially it was said that there are people in custody, who were placed in an armored unit that took them to the competent authorities.


The first operation took place on Empaques Street between cerrada de Los Empaques and Article 110 of the aforementioned sector.

The second deployment took place on Maquío Clouthier and Colinas streets in the aforementioned sector.
It is presumed that both actions took place simultaneously.

It was explained that it was during the early hours of the morning, when they arrived in the Progreso neighborhood when they secured the property.