British army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter from the 1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team 1AvnBCT. (Picture source British MoD)  

Defence Blog: UK denies media report it plans to supply Apache helicopters to Ukraine 

British Ministry of Defense denied media reports it plans to supply its AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to Ukraine. 

The Ministry of Defense has said that a Daily Mirror’s article claiming the UK will send Apache attack helicopters to Ukraine is incorrect, according to Sky’s defence and security editor Deborah Haynes. 

Western media outlets reported yesterday that UK will provide Ukraine with up to four AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. 

“Britain will send attack helicopters armed with deadly Hellfire missiles to Ukraine in a move hailed as a game-changer,” Daily Mirror reported Saturday. 

Daily Star, in turn, has reported that potential package will set the UK back a pretty “penny though”, with each Apache worth a cool £70million – while the British Army have also been equipped with the same model. 

Eventually, Daily Mirror has deleted their publication, and Daily Star still left their article without editing. 

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